This Is My SoftRock V5.0 Photo Gallery


As it arrived in the mail

Here are the contents of the envelope

Contents of the main board package

Parts are inventoried/identified before starting assembly

Close up of parts for main board

Bottom side components on the main board. 12-18-2005

Top of QSD board C4, C5, C8, & C15 12-18-2005

Top of QSD board R1, R7, R12, & R13 12-18-2005

Populated QSD board

Spacers on the QSD board 12-19-2005

Contents of the osc/bpf kit bag of parts 12-19-2005

The OSC/BPF board with everything but the toroids 12-20-2005

Almost there 12-21-2005

Top view of the finished & mounted PCBs 12-22-2005

J1, P21 side view 12-22-2005

The other side (Yeah, I know but this is fun) 12-22-2005

View of the gap between J1 & P21 12-22-2005