This is an old rotor design but there are still plenty of them around. There are a few things that you should know about them though before you decide power one up:

  1. I RECOMMEND caution when powering these rotors with a solid 24 volt AC source.

  1. The transformer in the production control box does have an open circuit voltage of around 24 VAC.

  1. If you use a "stiff", or low impedance 24 VAC source to power the rotor:

  1. If you salvage the transformer out of the commercial control box you should have the best of both worlds but I wanted to save the original control box as a reference.

  2. I found the schematic on the U100 a little vague. Yes there is a dot there! One side of the pulser contact is connected to the common (terminal 3) of the motor winding return (to the controller box).