These pages will document my SoftRock V5 kit build experience.

 I have to admit that I began this journey on a whim (thanks David!). But I could not miss the opportunity to learn  more about this fascinating development in receiver design.

Chronology of the journey

12-16-2005 Package arrived in the mail - Opened it, looked inside, closed it again, went to Tony's WEB site and printed off a few articles, started a project notebook.
12-17-2005 Cleaned off a space on the workbench, read a few of the articles in the notebook, started my photo gallery (see link below), inventoried and identified all main board parts, Emailed Tony Parks regarding components on bottom of main board.
12-18-2005 Read Tony's reply, soldered a few parts on bottom & top of main board, added pictures of it to photo gallery
12-19-2005 Soldered remaining parts on the QSD board, Inventoried the OCS/BPF bag of parts, added PICs to the photo gallery
12-20-2005 Put most of the parts on the OCS/BPF board - not the toroids though, added PIC to the gallery
12-21-2005 Put the toroids on the OCS/BPF board, added PIC to the gallery.
12-22-2005 Added connectors for PWR, AUDIO. Soldered  J1, P21with correct spacing, added finished project PICs.

I went a little overboard with the number of pictures in the gallery below.  But it was fun and may be of interest to others.

The pictures you can select from the gallery range from about 200 KB to 400 KB each.

Click below to enter the photo gallery:

SoftRock_gallery.htm ]


Links to a few sites that support the SoftRock project:

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