This is in 3 sections so it will be easier to download if you have a slow connection.

 The files are still fairly large though. 

Yeah, they are big. But you need to be able to read them!


Cover Page        -  Just the cover of QEX featuring Bob's TNC (not required ~ 500 K)

Part 1                 -  The first half of the article (~ 7 meg)

Part 2                 -  The second half of the article (~ 5 meg)


I have had a request to break Part 1 above into smaller pieces so here it is:

Part 1.1  ~2 Meg  New 4-18-2005

Part 1.2  ~ 1 Meg New 4-18-2005

Why is the sum of Part 1.1 & Part 1.2 less than Part 1 above?

I used a lower resolution to scan it in.